Telekinesis spells, What are they, Do they work and How long do they take?

So what are telekinesis spells?

A telekinesis spell is something that supposedly gives you telekinesis upon saying some words, a poem or even completing a ritual in order to get the amazing power. Some of these spells claim to work instantly, while other require “multiple” attempts. Which practically means it will never work. But what about the ones that claim to work instantly, do they work? and if so how do I find them? Well continue reading as everything you need to know on the topic will be answered.

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 Do telekinesis spells actually work?

to answer this question we must go through all of the evidence. First of all it is clear that telekinesis is possible as it was exemplified in a prior article on this website. But to learn it there are intense steps that have to be taken. So could telekinesis spells be a shortcut to acquiring this amazing superpower? I am afraid the answer is no. If you have searched this topic before, you probably have come across hundreds of sites. Each claiming to have a mystical spell or ritual to get telekinesis. But after you try it you notice that nothing happened, you didn’t get such a tremendous superpower just by saying a few words but why? Well it is simple, telekinesis requires rigorous training in order to learn it. But even though these spells don’t work there are still hundreds of viable eBooks that teach you step by step how to acquire telekinesis. Without coming up with lies about mystical spells that give you this power in a instant.


 Are telekinesis spells a possibility for the future?

This is quite difficult to answer, as it is unknown what scientific discoveries or things will be researched and learned in the future to improve our knowledge on telekinesis. But with what is known now, telekinesis spells are impossible to ever be a realistic  thing even tens of years in the future. This is simply because telekinesis requires dedication and immense training of the brain to learn this amazing ability. But if you want to go through the training then there are products online that offer to teach you telekinesis. Even though it seems unreal, telekinesis is something that a lot of people have and it dates back to ancient civilizations on earth. That’s why its a good thing to learn before it becomes mandatory in the future, or even if it doesn’t become mandatory, it is still a tremendous power to have.

Even though telekinesis spells don’t work, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn the ability. If you want to know how to learn telekinesis then check out the eBook below as it will explain in detail how to learn telekinesis.

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Telekinesis training tips for beginners learning telekinesis

For the duration of most of our lives we have been told that telekinesis is fake, but deep down some of us have always known that it is real and feel we have the ability but are unsure how to pursue it. That’s why its important to know telekinesis training tips to assist in everyone being able to use the power.

Telekinesis training tip #1 Concentration

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Concentration is a major part in telekinesis training, if you cannot concentrate on something then you will struggle to learn telekinesis. So before you even try to learning it start working on your concentration skills, as the more easily you can do that the faster you learn.

To begin learning how to concentrate on something for long periods of time you must first find a quite room. Now sit down in a comfortable position and take a few deep breathes to relax. When you are ready focus on an object on a wall or desk, keep staring at it for as long as you can without letting your eyes wander to look at other things. Also as you continue to stare at the object make sure you don’t allow your mind to wander and think about separate thoughts or fantasies. If it does begin to wander try to bring it back into focusing on the object to continue concentrating. This may sound easily but normally people are unable to concentrate on the object for a full minute, you should aim to stay focused for 10 minutes if you want the best results when learning telekinesis.

Telekinesis training tip #2 Imagining using your inner energy to produce force

telekinesis training tipsThis may sound confusing, but as many know telekinesis is the process or act of moving objects with the power of the  mind. Because of this it is obvious that you need to learn to harness your inner energy to produce enough force to move objects with the power of the mind, to practice this it is simple all you need to do is imagine yourself doing it. Sounds simple right? Well although it may sound simple it is a bit more difficult. So this will require those concentration skills you developed earlier, first close your eyes and think about an object in front of you (preferably small), now imagine using all your inner energy to move this object. Keep doing this until the object has been moved a decent distance in your imaginary scenario, then do it over and over again substituting objects for everyday items. This will assist you when you attempt to learn telekinesis in the future as it is important to know how to use your inner energy to produce force and properly complete telekinesis training.

Telekinesis training tip #3 Practicing object manipulation

You are probably wondering what object manipulation is well it is a different type of telekinesis, the process of bending an object with your mind. This varies from moving an object using force to push, pull or lift the object, instead you must manipulate the object to bend. To practice this first you must find a relaxing and silent room, now find an object for example a spoon and sit the object in front of you. Now close your eyes are picture the object, now you will need to use your concentration skills to focus on the object for a good 10 minutes, after this time you should feel that the object is a part of you like your own limb. Feeling like you can move it at will bending it and manipulating it to appear in any form. If you feel this way then you did this correctly practice this on many objects as it is the best way to start telekinesis training.

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Is telekinesis possible? watch these real demonstrations and see for yourself!

The answer to the question people have asked for centuries, is telekinesis possible?

So there is one question you have clicked here to discover the answer to, I could give you the short answer to the question is telekinesis possible? but that wouldn’t be as enjoyable as watching some videos and reading a short article to find out.

is telekinesis possible

For those who don’t know already, telekinesis is the ability to control objects using only the power of the mind, many magicians use this power which never ceases to amaze there audiences. But magic tricks are always fake right? In most cases this is true but in the case of telekinesis they are actually using the power of there mind. It’s understandable that some do not believe this as critics constantly point out faults and errors about telekinesis being real. But to grasp the true power of the mind one must look at every form of evidence, the brain is a marvelous thing with new things being discovered about it regularly. The brain is capable of some incredible things, an example of this is when someone is in danger for example: if a large 200 Kilogram rock fell onto a human and they were pinned to the ground, the person would miraculously be able to lift the rock off and live another day. But this is not a miracle it is the power of the brain, when the brain senses danger it will to anything to survive, that’s why the person who lifted the rock off themselves would have torn most of there muscles as somehow the brain can multiply the strength of a human if needed. So you may be wondering, what does this relate to the question is telekinesis possible? Well I have a simple answer, it relates quite a lot to the question as telekinesis is a superpower of the mind but is super strength not? of course it is and if the brain has such a great superpower like super strength, then why do people say that telekinesis is so far fetched.

People are so doubtful and critical towards telekinesis since it has been used a variety of times in different movies such as Carrie, this has painted a god like picture in peoples minds of telekinesis which needs to be erased. But besides the science behind it and the facts that back it up, it is better to allow the evidence to display itself as seen in these videos and answer the question is telekinesis possible.

After you watch these videos, you may be interested in learning telekinesis, if so then just get this eBook to be explained in detail about how to learn the power.

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Telekinesis being used in public in the city of Bangkok by a crippled man

Man shows some everyday use of telekinesis, as well as some cool tricks

The same guy shows more of his power

This guy is just casually playing around with his telekinesis and a can of Dr Pepper

A newbie practicing his powers