Is telekinesis possible? watch these real demonstrations and see for yourself!

The answer to the question people have asked for centuries, is telekinesis possible?

So there is one question you have clicked here to discover the answer to, I could give you the short answer to the question is telekinesis possible? but that wouldn’t be as enjoyable as watching some videos and reading a short article to find out.

is telekinesis possible

For those who don’t know already, telekinesis is the ability to control objects using only the power of the mind, many magicians use this power which never ceases to amaze there audiences. But magic tricks are always fake right? In most cases this is true but in the case of telekinesis they are actually using the power of there mind. It’s understandable that some do not believe this as critics constantly point out faults and errors about telekinesis being real. But to grasp the true power of the mind one must look at every form of evidence, the brain is a marvelous thing with new things being discovered about it regularly. The brain is capable of some incredible things, an example of this is when someone is in danger for example: if a large 200 Kilogram rock fell onto a human and they were pinned to the ground, the person would miraculously be able to lift the rock off and live another day. But this is not a miracle it is the power of the brain, when the brain senses danger it will to anything to survive, that’s why the person who lifted the rock off themselves would have torn most of there muscles as somehow the brain can multiply the strength of a human if needed. So you may be wondering, what does this relate to the question is telekinesis possible? Well I have a simple answer, it relates quite a lot to the question as telekinesis is a superpower of the mind but is super strength not? of course it is and if the brain has such a great superpower like super strength, then why do people say that telekinesis is so far fetched.

People are so doubtful and critical towards telekinesis since it has been used a variety of times in different movies such as Carrie, this has painted a god like picture in peoples minds of telekinesis which needs to be erased. But besides the science behind it and the facts that back it up, it is better to allow the evidence to display itself as seen in these videos and answer the question is telekinesis possible.

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Telekinesis being used in public in the city of Bangkok by a crippled man

Man shows some everyday use of telekinesis, as well as some cool tricks

The same guy shows more of his power

This guy is just casually playing around with his telekinesis and a can of Dr Pepper

A newbie practicing his powers